Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy week

BASFA last night was interesting. The IHOP had double-booked our room, but rather than just suggest we have dinner there scattered throughout the restaurant (which Hick'ry Pit did to us at least once) they found a meeting room in the adjoining Holiday Inn, set it up and served us there.

Sounds great on paper, but in actuality it took about half an hour to set up the room, and food orders were not even taken until about 8:45. I didn't order anything because it did not look as if food would actually arrive until after the meeting was over. Which was, in fact, what happened. Though most folks (including myself) did stay for an auxiliary meeting after the close of the scheduled one.

This IHOP is still my first choice for a BASFA meeting place. Our reserving the room was done as an afterthought during the previous meeting, rather than being scheduled with the day manager, so I'm not too surprised about the mix-up. While I'm not impressed with the implementation, I am impressed with the fact that IHOP, which was pretty well packed to the gills, decided they wanted our business enough to go out of their way and stretch themselves pretty thin. And the room they found for us was big enough, and laid out well for our kind of meeting. They have a great menu, service is good, separate checks are not a problem, and they are open 24 hours so no bum's rush. And the location is good for me, as well as lots of other members. And it's down the street from Baycon 2008's site.

I won't be going to the next meeting - have had enough of pizza places, thank you very much.

Meeting seamoose tonight for turntable goodness

Tomorrow I'll be meeting the Comcast installer around noon, and after work there's a Peace Corps alumni hangout in Campbell. And maybe I'll need to go to Fedex to pick up another package.

Nothing on the docket for Thursday night. Friday my car ought to be done. No weekend plans yet. Or at least none I can remember.

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