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I am envisioning a cross-brand partnership here. Posting this a little sooner than highglider requested, because I've driven the Chevy Aero enough to make some informed comments.

First, it's an economy car. Priced at $10k base, it's at the high end of its class. I have the automatic, 4-door hatchback. Some of the annoying points:

  • I have no problem with the headlights being on all the time the car is powered up. I do have a problem with the headlight indicator lamp always being on in the dashboard cluster. It's annoying.

  • I don't need a mirror in the driver's side sun shade, and I really don't need it to be without a cover. Not just annoying, it is dangerous.
  • The side view mirrors are large, but there are still huge blind spots - need to add bug eyes for safety.
  • Even in 2nd gear, the engine doesn't have enough zip to get up to freeway speeds quickly. At 60 mph there is very little acceleration possible, which takes 20 years off the value of my pretty quick reflexes.
  • Manual windows are a nuisance. Manual door locks are more of a nuisance. The driver's side door can only be locked from the outside with a key. However, the keys can still be locked in the car easily if the front seat passenger locks both sides.
  • Hatchback cargo space is tiny.
  • The suspension system is engineered to amplify all road bumps
  • At 65 mph it sounds like a window is open a crack
  • Gas gauge is next to, and mirror image of, the engine temp gauge. This can be confusing.
  • The radio is bottom-of-the-line and has no CD capability
    • The way the speakers are placed, the driver only hears the ones on the right.

Nice things:

  • It's bright yellow- easy to find in a parking lot.
  • Seems to get good gas mileage (though I'm not keeping track)
    The driver's seat has a height adjustment (though it's lowest setting is a wee bit too high, and I'm kinda short)
  • If the road is smooth, so is the ride
  • It handles well. Turning radius is okay, though not as tight as my Corolla.
  • Speedometer is easy to read if you have 20-20 vision (I do). Not so much if you don't.
  • In general, placement of the items in the dashboard is intuitive
  • Big glove compartment
  • Fold down rear seats adds much hatchback space
  • It's roomy. Wider inside than the Corolla, I think.

This is not a class of car I would buy for myself, so I have nothing similar to compare it to. As a one-week commute replacement, it's not bad. As a permanent car, not worth full price.


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