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Betta Breakers

On a Mission From Gosh (God doesn't send atheists on missions) I re-visited the Petco on Svale-Saratoga and El Camino, and was rewarded with half a tank of gorgeous female bettas. I bought three, so now have two per male. Two of the new ones are so colorful they look like short-finned males. I've never seen such pretty female bettas before. They used to always be a kind of mottled or speckled brown-on-grey. Someone's been doing selective breeding.

There actually is a short-finned variety of male bettas, but they wouldn't peacefully swim around in a tank full of other males. They would fight.

Also added some sand from the reptile department. Nobody seems to stock sand for freshwater tanks - only saltwater. Tropical fish stores also stock stuff called "substrate", which is finer than gravel but not as fine as sand, which is used for rooting aquatic plants. What I needed was fine sand for the algae eaters to hide in. Also, betta and gouramis come from ponds with muddy bottoms. I didn't want to haul in mud, but did want something finer than gravel.

After snagging the bettas, I went across the street to Home Despot and found a really nice office chair with super back support, which I am sitting on as I type this. It has a microfiber suede-like texture, silver grey. Nice and sturdy. I have not attached the arm rests, since they just get in my way. It feels a whole lot better than the one in the picture previously posted.

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