Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gay Rodeo in La Honda

Bull on Top Position
Originally uploaded by how3ird.

Whether you are riding the bull, or the bull is riding you, it's still bull riding, the final event at the Best Buck in the Bay gay rodeo in La Honda. I spent the day there Saturday and will return Sunday. It's a very scenic location, and lots of fun. Thanks to kproche and bovil for pointing me at this. Click on the photo to go to a page with some of my best shots from today's action.

It was bright and sunny, but not uncomfortably warm, and I now have a significant tan morphing from the sunburn. Aloe calmed it down pretty well. Maybe I'll put on sunscreen tomorrow, instead of leaving it in the car.

Discovered the Garmin GPS thinks Highway 84 is the point where 84 meets Hwy. 1. It wants to call the location of the Driscoll Ranch rodeo site La Honda Road. And it thinks there are two separate La Honda Roads, one on each side of skyline. It took me the direct path - Central-Alma-Page Mill-280-Sand Hill-Portola-La Honda Rd A and B. Tomorrow I'll put it in passive map mode and take the Great Circle Route 85-280-92-1-84.

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