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Rodeo Pix Redux

Going through the rodeo pictures, picking out the best ones to put on Flickr, I used a couple of EXIF file renamer programs to sort with, since (a) my first day's shooting was re-numbered with every new folder, and (b) it's more informative than some random DSC number. And I find that many of the files were numbered out of order. Problem? EXIF dates are only accurate to the second, and some sequences were shot with as many as 3 frames a second. The renamer software does -1, -2 ,-3 for those, but not usually in the right order. So I'll have to do some manual renaming. Boo hiss.

Meanwhile, about 70 shots are up on Flickr now. Click here.

Lots of good ones of drag queen Destiny B. Childs, who is awesome in the arena - regardless of the costume, she's obviously a serious rodeo contestant, not just some clown in drag doing a spoof. Checking out her web site, I was disappointed to find she is not local - she's in DC these days.

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