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Bye Bye Barry - Photos on Flickr

Originally uploaded by how3ird.

Most of my photos from the game are on Flickr - uploading the final ones now. All the ones of Bonds are up.

kevin_standlee wrote an excellent description of the event, I'll add some more later. My seats were excellent - in the Bonds cheering section behind left field, directly behind Bonds. I paid enough on StubHub $90 - and was surprised to see the face value of the season ticket was $17. The scalper investor who bought the block of 4 season tickets only sold two this time, but he sure must have made a killing this season.

Lousy game, Bonds played poorly except for his last at-bat where he slammed the ball at least 400' but in AT&T park center field is 421' deep. Fans in my section were rude to the Padres fans, lots of booing, several fights, lots of rowdy drunks - the cops had their hands full. Also lots of eye candy, though, which balanced things out.


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