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Photoshop Made Me Late for Work

Finally finished webberizing the rodeo photos, and started them ftp-ing to howeird dot com. I've broken them down into the 12 events plus one miscellaneous group, to make it a mite easier. The image names are long (event_date_time) so they are not on the thumbnails pages, for aesthetic purposes. I sat down with the customizer instructions and made a thumbnails page which allows you to go back to the main photo gallery of my home page, but not to the rodeo table of contents page (you'll need to us the browser's address bar for that, I guess).

The ftp looks like it choked - I'm not seeing any image pages after the first event. Should have been mostly done by now. Will have to check when I get home. I'll post the link when it's all done.

Edit add: Yup, looking at the site from work, the upload dropped dead at about 10:40, so after maybe 2 hours. PC possibly went to sleep, though it's not supposed to. Will kick it when I get home. Meanwhile I've done an outline of a table of contents page for the rodeo directory.

Meanwhile, you can always check out my web gallery here. This is where the low-resolution versions of all my digital photos are kept - my flickr page has my favorite photos, less of them but at full or close to full resolution.

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