Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


from the way too winding Hwy. 17 trip from Aptos. I wish they would build a real freeway to hook up with Hwy 1 just south of SCruz.

Went to listen to my cousin Renee, whose new jazz band EAR landed a fill-in gig at the posh Seascape Resort's lounge. They sounded good. She's snagged one of the best pianists in the area, a good experienced bass, and a wind player who is one of those rare ones who doesn't make a sax sound like a brass kazoo. He was also pretty good on flute and English Horn. They attracted an audience which actually clapped for the solos, and managed to fit into the lounge scene smoothly. A couple of women sat next to me toward the end of my stay - one turned to the other and said "The band is good for a change", and her friend told her it was a different band. EAR was filling in for the regulars, who were elsewhere.

Renee is looking very happy these days, which is good to see. 'bout time things started top look up for her.

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