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SiliCon 2007

Uploading all my pix to the web site as I write this - low-rez versions, minimal Photoshopping. I'll put my fave high rez ones on flickr tomorrow. Also tomorrow I'll be writing an article for SFSF on the Italian Zombie Makeover. It was a blast, and there are way too many photos, but I'll trust the editors to pare down the number from the flood they will be getting. Or you can just create a special issue.

Very light attendance for all the panels, virtually nobody showed up for open filk, but masq had a decent turnout. The parties were great, and as a result pre-noon panels Saturday and Sunday were not as well-attended as they otherwise might have been. A note to con program chairpeople: consider starting the panels in the afternoon and going till 9 pm. Fans generally don't do mornings. I have some other suggestions but will save them for later.

Though lightly attended, the quality of the attendees was high, and I got to chat with many interesting people. Thanks to the indie film festival which was part of the con, there was a higher than average amount of eye candy, some of which was marvelously gratuitous in their displays of skin.

This is the first time I've worn more than one costume, and silly me forgot to ask people to take pictures using my camera, so I'll have to wait to see what people post. I know johno got a good one of Elvis with lady_leandra's Hogwarts student. Not sure if didjiman pointed a camera my way when I was in my cowboy get-up. Also wore a Renn-ish blue velvet blouse on Saturday, and Halloween scrubs at the end of Sunday. Which is what I was wearing when I was on my way out and spotted scendan, also on her way out. That completely made my weekend, and the wedding is tentatively scheduled for a week from Wednesday at 2 o'clock.

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