Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Photo Madness

My trip to Aptos last Saturday gave me a chance to play with my macro lens some more. Seascape Park is a lovely place on the southern tip of Seascape Resort, with lots of interesting flora. I didn't bring the camera on my first walk around the pathway, and am kicking myself because I saw two bunny rabbits grazing, but by the time I had returned they were gone, thanks to lots of people walking their dogs on the path.

While I was shooting the bright pink flowers, a friendly older fellow named Gil started up a conversation about photography. He's been doing digital after a lifetime of film. From the equipment he described, I'm sure he was a professional. He was just out walking his Springer spaniel and enjoying the pleasant day. I was able to explain to him some of the reasons he saw differences in color balance between digital and film, but I suspect he already knew all that.

Anyway, here's my favorite of the macro photos - I just love the blast of color, and it's now my background at work:

Click on the image for the humongous full-sized original (it will pop up in another browser window, assuming you're not using a pop-up blocker).

You can view all the seascape Park photos by going here

Edit Add:

Just 'cause I'm really jazzed by most of these shots, click on the thumbnail to see the big picture...


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