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SiliCon 2007 Photos

Are uploaded to my web page gallery. These are web-resolution, with minimal Photoshop work (auto levels, sharpen, and brightness/dodge work where absolutely needed). As usual, if you are in a photo, it is yours to use non-commercially with attribution ("photo by howeird" is fine). I will be putting the full-resolution pictures on DVD - send me a snailmail address if you want one.

johnnyeponymous paid (?)

kproche looks on as britgeekgrrl finds out just how large baronlaw's head is at Pancho's Crosstime Cantina

didjiman in the bushes with (gasp) his wife karisu_sama

Fans watching bad Japanese B&W sci-fi at the BASFA party

iamradar as The A Team

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - Before

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - During

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - Top Coat

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - Yes, those are real maggots

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - Finished product

Creating an Italian Movie Zombie - Out for a walk

Going bananas

lady_leandra and friends at the sushi lounge


johno helps a pirate lass with her costume

Pirate Booty

karisu_sama attacks didjiman (have to tie that straitjacket tighter, dude)

Princess Leia chorus line at masquerade half-time

Serious business at the Drink Tank (SFinSF party)

Masquerade judge strikes a pose

didjiman shoots britgeekgrrl in her Femmy Ten outfit

Macarena of the Living Dead at the Masquerade Ball

bovil gives a tour at the Evil Genius party

johnnyeponymous and Super Heroes Have Feelings, Too panelists talk to their invisible friends

Me and scendan
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