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Prom Night news and a Nobel Prize rant

It was pouring down rain last night so hard it woke me up. I guess summer's over. If it doesn't clear up, this will put a damper on my plans for tomorrow...

Blame Australia - when it starts to rain on my parade, my brain is attacked by It's Raining on Prom Night, the song from Grease.
I was deprived of a young girl's dream
By a cruel force of nature from the blue.
Instead of a night full of romance supreme,
All I got was a runny nose and Asiatic flu.

It's Raining on Prom Night,
My hair is a mess.
It's running all over
My taffeta dress.
It's wilting the quilting
In my maiden-form.
And mascara flows
Right down my nose
Because of the storm.

I don't even have my corsage, oh gee,
It fell down the sewer with my sister's I.D.

Spoken over singing: Yes, it's raining on prom night
(It's Raining on Prom Night)
Oh what can I do?
(Oh, what can I do? I miss you)
It's Raining rain from the skies
(It's Raining rain from the skies)
And it's raining real tears from my eyes over you
(it's raining tears from my eyes over you)
Oh, Dear God, let him feel the same way I do right now. Make him want to see me

Singing: Oh what can I do?
It's raining rain from the skies
It's Raining tears from my eyes over you,
Raining, raining, Raining on Prom Night,

Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace prize. Give me an effing break. Gore has done zero zilch zip nada nichts nothing for world peace. Even if I did agree with his campaign against global warming (which I don't), it has nothing to do with peace. There are probably prizes out there which he does deserve (I don't think the Oscar was one of them, either - his movie wasn't that good) but there are no Nobels among them. The committee needs to be booted out on its collective rear and replaced by people who can tell the difference between promoting a pet project and promoting peace. And now all this talk about the prize making him a viable candidate for President. Sheesh. The guy is a one trick pony who still has all the charisma of a wet sponge. I don't see him pulling the troops out of Iraq, or doing anything good for the economy.

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