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Dr Who Series 3 Volume 4

This is the last three episodes of the season (it won't air in the US till next year), next up is the Christmas special.  This is a single episode cut into three segments. The Master returns. Possibly the best special effects so far, and also one of the worst. But that would be telling. Suffice to say it was a poor man's treatment of a rip-off of Stranger in a Strange Land.

Once again Davies shows he just doesn't get it. Instead of bringing us a Master modeled along the lines of Ming the Merciless, we get a petulant child with too much power. And I don't know why every episode in this series has to fall back on the "take a family member hostage" ploy. If your mum tries to turn you in to save her own skin, let her fry, I say.

It had its moments. Both Tennant and his Companion turn in pretty good performances, and there is some inventive CG.

The score flip flopped between too bland and too oppressive. Audio levels on the music sucked lemons - I was constantly sliding the volume up and down. And I needed subtitles to understand 2/3 of the dialog.

I hope the next time they resurrect the Master, he's the worthy opponent, classy, well-dressed, with a goatee. I really miss the goatee.
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