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I Shoulda Known

Fry's screwed up the alarm thing - first they didn't have the part for and wanted to charge more than double to install the trunk release. They only had a week and a half to prepare. Then I get the car home and discover the passive alarm function is not user-programmable, has to be done by the installer. You would think they would at least mention this. and they didn't install the valet button. And it doesn't look like they programmed the alarm to talk to the remote - this remote is supposed to show doors open, and alarm conditions, and it doesn't.

So tomorrow I'll go down to AudioWerk and at least get the passive alarm and 2-way functions punched in. With any luck they will have the trunk release part. The valet button is not critical, but I'll ask about that too.

The work they did was worth the $100 I paid, but not the 8 hours lost use of the car. At least the weather was perfect for a walk. Which is good because I walked almost 5 miles.

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