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After having my nails done I drove to SJ and AudioWerk and told them my sad tale.Apparently Best Buy is doing a lot of poor alarm installations, and they have been getting a lot of that business. They had the trunk release part in stock, and knew how to program the passive alarm mode and fix my remote so it actually worked again. At 12:30 they said to bring the car back at 2:30 and they would do it all. And they did. It took about an hour and they only charged $70 for the trunk release (Fry's wanted $120). I will be bringing my stereo in to them when it arrives. They said they would have matched the online price, but that's okay it is already en route. They do a lot of business, 2/3 of it in Spanish for cash. Small place in a low rent unit on Bascom across the street from where 280 goes underneath. Low prices, fast and "right the first time" service, excellent customer service, I highly recommend them. 

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