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Psst! Want To Buy A Vote?

Forwarded to me by a friend in Thailand, from the Bangkok Post:
Pssst! Wanna buy a vote?
A survey released today in Bangkok shows that nearly two out of three Thais are quite ready to accept gifts or money in exchange for their votes. Eight of 10 would not even report election corruption.

The Abac Poll of Assumption University would seem to show that attempts by interim Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont to eliminate vote-buying during the upcoming general election are likely to be fruitless.

Abac Poll director Noppadol Kannikar said the poll was conducted among 3,758 eligible voters in 14 provinces nationwide between October 15 -20.

Some 64.6 per cent of the respondents said they were willing to accept bribes in exchange for their votes in the December 23 election.

Just 35.4 per cent of the respondents said they would not accept bribes or favours in exchange for their votes.

Even more worrying, 83 per cent of respondents said they would not inform the Election Commission or concerned officials of vote-buying practices even if they had evidence.

Exactly two-thirds recognised that vote-buying in Thailand has now reached its most critical point ever.

Only 51.9 per cent of the respondents said they would consider both political party policies and the qualifications and personalities of the candidates before casting their ballots, while 28 per cent said they would give preferential attention to the candidates themselves.

Just 20.1 per cent indicated they would make their decision based on party policy platforms. (TNA)


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