Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Beep beep beep

So this boy and his dad are in line at the bank, behind a woman who might be described as double-wide. The boy asks his dad the usual rude and embarrassing questions about fat people, but before he can answer, the woman's pager goes off.

The boy grabs his dads arm and pulls, screaming "look out, dad, she's backing up!

Fry's has a 350GB Seagate external firewire drive in sale for $100. It is very plug and play, and is now backing up my degraded RAID array, which only has about 150GB of stuff on it. Only. I remember when it would have taken an entire building to store 150 gigs of data. Also bought a matched pair of Seagate 500GB drives. I will replace the four Western Digitals with those, and set them up mirrored. Not the fastest way to grab video, but with the speed of drives these days that really isn't a bottleneck anymore. and a major chunk of the drive is for my photos anyway.

Very disappointed with the Western Digital drives. This is the third drive failure within the warranty period, out of four drives. Used to be they were the most reliable. After I'm done with the RAID recovery I'll back up the WD boot drive to the external just in case. Though I expect a stand-alone drive takes a lot less pounding than a drive in a RAID 5 array. If anyone knows better, tell me, my RAID knowledge is very out of date and mostly on Unix/Linux.

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