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Howweird Street Fair et al

I almost didn't go to SF today because the weather forecast was nasty. But I wanted very much to see the Howweird Street Faire, since I'd been linking to it on my web site for ages. Turned out to be a rare balmy summer day in The City. Took CalTrain to China Basin, then the #47 bus to 10th and Howard, and walked to 12th - got there at 12:30, just as they were supposed to have opening festivities.

The security guard said there was a $10 "donation". They were not making it optional. If you were in costume, the "donation" was $5.

There was nothing about this on the poster or on the home page of their web site, so I was pretty pissed. So instead of going in, I played SF tourist.

I suppose I should send a note to the City, since "donation" means you don't have large security professionals there to make sure people pay. And I'm sure the City would not have told them to call it a donation if it was a required payment.

But there was a silver lining. I got in a lot of walking, and got this lovely shot at the farmer's market on (of course) Market Street:

So, did these people work for Wendy's?

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