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Tonight's Computer History museum panel made a minor event in Internet history into a major event. I won't bore you with the details, because the full house was justified because the non-event brought together many legends of Internet pioneering, as well as many of the worker bees who helped start the phenomenon. I took some photos, but since my RAID drive is where I keep my pix, and it's rebuilding as I write this, that will have to wait.

The panel of seven did not need a moderator, but they had one anyway, a tall, DDG-and-knows-it  tech news writer named Gina Smith, who ghost wrote iWoz, Steve Wozniak's autobiography. I felt sorry for her, because she would have made an excellent moderator for almost any other CHM event, but the gang of seven were there because they had all worked together on this project, and it was a 30-year reunion to which she was an outsider. They ran right over her.

The Good:
A amazing buffet, four times the size of the usual members reception. My mini-spanikopita habit is now sated.
A panel of legends, all but one of whom is highly articulate with major senses of humor. The one man out is from Norway, so I guess we can't blame him for being a bit English and humor challenged.
Much eye candy in the audience

The Bad:
Parking at CHM is a nightmare. They really need to re-do the traffic patterns there.
The buffet was hard to get to because most people decided that the best place to form into groups of three or four was standing right next to the food tables. The areas 10 feet away were mostly empty. I sat down on the Cray to eat.
I did not find true love

The Ugly:
CHM's A/V people have still not learned elementary audio board operations. We had lots of feedback, whining mikes, mikes not on when people were talking into them, mike stands for the audience questions set way too low, and one ignorant A/V guy who doesn't know not to tap on the mic to see if it is working.
Leaving the parking lot can take days. Traffic patterns again. And no clear signs pointing to the back of the building as the best exit. I hang around in the museum pretending to be a photographer until most of the lemmings have left.

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