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KP.org blows it again

Kaiser Permanente just released a brand new look and feel on its web site. One of the "features" is they have done away with their members.kp.org direct link for members to log in without being bombarded with oodles of marketing hype, and aliased it to the generic home page, which contains oodles of marketing hype. It also has a member login box right where it belongs, which is an improvement over the old design.

The new home page is very pretty. After logging in, member see the same old "thanks for logging in" page, with the same old horrible stock photo of a pair of young women smiling up at the camera. The one in front is wearing a khaki shirt over a red T-shirt, the look reminds me of Girl Scouts, somehow. I hate this image, because I am forced to see it every time I log in, for no apparent reason. I was hoping the new design would at least rotate the images.

Clicking past this page, we have a new look, called Health Manager. It is an easier to use menu than before, with the same old tabs across the top to change menus. Each menu has a stupid stock photo in the upper left, each menu item has a stupid stock photo thumbnail to the left of the items. Here is the one which annoys me most:

They have added a nice new feature - look up your past doctor visits. Only problem is they only offer visits taken since August 15, 2007.

The pharmacy pages are unchanged. This is what the title of this posting refers to. Years ago when KP first launched its web site, I write to the webmaster suggesting a more intelligent pharmacy feature. I had just come back to KP from being uninsured, and had been using Walgreen's pharmacy. Walgreen's at the time (and today as well) lists all your prescriptions, and lets you click on the ones you want to refill. To check on a refill's status, just go to the web page and look at the list. KP, on the other hand, requires you to know the prescription number and enter it in order to either refill or check the status of the refill. This is a royal pain in the butt because when the doctor renews your prescription, or if you change doctors, the prescription number may change and there is no way for you to find out the new number unless you phone or go to the pharmacy.

Once past the new menu pages, it's same-old same-old.

Some good work was done. Much more good work needs to be done.

Edit: Added annoying image (forgot I can't ftp from work anymore)

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