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Anti-Holiday meme

'tis the season to be grumpy,
fa la la la la
la la duh duh

What annoys you most about this season? I'll start. Add your own in comments.

1. All carols, all the time in all the stores
2. Parking lot hell
3. Stores not stocking my favorite stuff because they need the space for Tickle Me Jesus and red-and-green whiffle balls
4. Corny Santa hats
5. TV and radio commercials with custom insipid lyrics set to annoying Jesus music
6. Germanic pagan rituals pawned off as tributes to Jesus:
- How often does it snow in Bethlehem, anyway? Click here for local weather stats.
- Find an indigenous fir tree in Bethlehem, win a prize
- Find a fireplace, let alone a Yule log in Bethlehem, win two prizes
- Correlating the new and old testaments, Jesus was born in April or May, not December.
7. Starbucks starts "celebrating" before Thanksgiving
8. The barrage of junk mail flyers and catalogs
9. Every local "news" broadcast is compelled to have at least one Human Interest holiday story. More is better.
10. Setting aside a single day out of the year to give gifts to people you love, instead of any time you feel like it.


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