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Beer Sing

Picked up my prescription after work, then missed the turn on Shoreline which I needed to take to get home. The realized autopilot was reminding me to go to Piazzi's because I was all out of Scharffen-berger and parsnips. They had a whole pile of very nice parsnips - makes me wonder about Safeway being out of them. Then I went around looking for other stuff Safeway didn't have, and found Knorr chicken bullion cubes, Port de Salud cheese, a bottle of madiera wine  to go with the cheese, and a six-pack of beer.

This is the first time in my life I have ever bought beer in a grocery store. What made me do it is it is Thai beer. The name on the label in English says SINGHA, but in Thai the last syllable has a mark over it which says it's silent. With their reverse word order, Thais call it Beer Sing.

It's not that I'm crazy about Beer Sing, it's just that looking at the label, this is 6% alcohol beer, which I thought was illegal to import into the US, and it's very close to the same alcohol level as what they drink in Thailand. I never liked beer at all before I went to Thailand, but I was able to drink this stuff. The only problem was standing up after finishing a bottle, because back then it was served by the liter.

Not sure when I'll try some. Maybe tomorrow.


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