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Buyer's Regret?

Not exactly. My car doesn't feel like My Car. A couple of months ago I bought a 2008 Toyota Corolla to replace the 1998 one I'd had for 10 years. I wanted something which did not heat up so much in the sunlight, so I went for silver instead of blue. But I don't think it's the color. The 2008 is bigger than the 1998. 15" wheels instead of 14", so it's higher off the ground. I haven't compared the specs, but I'm pretty sure it's wider and maybe longer as well. The old car did not have any endearing idiosyncrasies, so that's not what's missing. My license plates are the same ones from the old car.

Don't know what it is, but every time I go to the car in a parking lot, it just doesn't feel like it is any more my car than the one next to it.


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