Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho Hum

Very late start today, since I have no plans or obligations. Need to do some minor shopping and change the litterbox and that's about all. Woke up at 10, knocked off several chores online. Printed the rent check, and my theater head shot/resume for tomorrow's audition. Not sure what I'll sing, my lungs have not fully recovered from strep throat yet. I'm having second thoughts about being in this show - 25 men, 2 women. Last night I tried to find the DVD or CD, but Best Buy & Rasputin did  not have it. I'm guessing the score is not memorable, which is another demerit.

Was looking at apartment prices, since my lease is up. Wanted to see if there was anything I could afford which has in-unit washer and dryer. Not that I can see. Maybe in 6 months rents will go down from the housing market crash. I was told the reason they went up so much a year ago is people were having trouble affording house prices, so were moving into high-end apartments instead.

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