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My Real First Time

A couple of weeks before my 19th birthday I was driving my big sister somewhere and somehow our conversation came around to whether I would mind if she set me up on a birthday date with someone we both knew from folkdancing. I wasn't sure who she meant, so she pointed Judy out to me at the next folkdance night. Judy was a little older, taller and more voluptuous than the women I usually dated, but what kind of fool says no to a good thing?

I'm not clear on most of the date. I think maybe I met her somewhere. I know I didn't pick her up at her apartment. Maybe my sister brought her home to meet the parental units, and we left from there.

We went out to dinner, I have no idea where or what we ate. I know we talked about her recently returning from Israel, where she had been engaged to someone who claimed to be European royalty, and she said she had gone there to throw his ring in his face. Or something like that. We talked about other people we both knew from folkdancing, and I probably talked too much about myself because I always do.

After dinner, she suggested we go to Green Lake. In Seattle, an invitation to Green Lake is an invitation to Get Lucky. We found a place to park among the many cars with steamed-up windows, and after a few minutes she called a halt to the festivities because we were both overdressed (it was mid-autumn and we were in our finest), and she said I had better take her home while she could still walk up the stairs to her apartment.

She gave me directions, it was a building on a the corner of Eastlake, which happened to be within spitting distance of a Lake Union NOAA warehouse I had worked in the previous summer. I helped her up the stairs, and she told me to get undressed and into bed while she made a mad dash for the bathroom.

When she returned, she joined me, and I joined her, and from all the symptoms it was clear she enjoyed herself. Three times.

Afterwards, she said "I thought you told me you had never done it before". I said I hadn't. She said, "You seemed so bored." I wasn't bored, but I wasn't excited, either. I was too busy trying to Get It Right. I had never been that good at spacial geometry, and I didn't want to hit the wrong target.

For most of the next year, she gave me lots more chances to get it right, but eventually she went back to Israel, and the next time I saw her she was married. To the prince.

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