Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Upgrading to XP-64?

I've had it with Vista. My PC is at a crawl, which it should not be with a quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM, SATA drive and fast Intel motherboard. Little annoying things are adding to the misery:

  • Third party software can't get a time server connection
  • The network comes up as local-only, which screws up auto-launch of email, IM and RSS programs
  • (it takes about 5 minutes for Vista to find the Internet through my home router)
  • It keeps asking permission to run programs even though I'm logged in as administrator
  • It won't let me access all my folders, even though I'm logged in as administrator
  • It won't let all programs write to all folders
  • Drivers for webcam and audio magically stop working and need to be re-installed
  • Many of my apps have limited features with Vista
  • It eats 2GB of RAM just for the OS

The reason I installed Vista was to get the speed from 64-bit dual core and double the RAM. My system is dual-booted with XP-32bit, and in that mode it works a lot faster, especially powering up. I own a copy of XP-64, so...

So while all you pagans are dancing around big rocks and all you Christians are contributing to global warming by killing evergreen trees, firing up strings of colored lights and driving or flying to see distant relatives, and all you Jews are going out for Thai or Chinese food, I'll be slapping a pair of hard drives into the PC, making them into a RAID1 mirrored array, and installing XP-64 and all my apps and drivers. Then I'll nuke Vista. Oh what fun!

Or maybe I'll just go all the way back to XP-32 - I need to research driver availability first, I guess.


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