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Feast or Famine

Since I was laid off from Kasenna in the summer of 2001, I had a grand total of three job interviews, two of which landed me contract jobs at Roxio and Sony Electronics. The third was for a job at Netscape, a.k.a. AOL, which was about to make me an offer but the entire department was laid off the day after my interview.

That's three interviews in three years, and I was looking for work all of that time.

There was just nothing out there. Famine.

This week I had two interviews and a call asking if I was interested in a third one. Feast.

The first interview was different. I'm working at Kasenna as a contractor, just finished a 2-month project and am starting on a 1-month job there which includes follow-up for the first job. First job went very well, and while I was in Atlanta wrapping up the first project, the tech support manager emailed and asked if I was interested in full-time employee work in his department. I said yes, and he suggested we talk when I got back from the on-site. I get back, but there is a crisis at a customer site, and he had to go Back East to fix it. So we had our interview on the phone.

Second interview was with a company which makes digital video chips, and needs a QA person who understands DVD video formats, among other things. The only reason I went to the interview is Kasenna hasn't made me a firm offer, and the chip company knows I'm not available before October, but wanted to talk to me anyway. Meeting their receptionist made it all worthwhile.

That session was at Stevens Creek & De Anza Blvds, right down the block from my favorite hangout, Coffee Society, so I drove there to get a mocha. As I was coming through the door, my cell phone rang, and it was a buddy from Sony, to tell me his wife had a baby girl, and to ask me if I would consider moving to San Diego to work in his group there. The reason my contract was ended at Sony back in June is they were moving the whole department to San Diego. I told him my situation at Kasenna, and guessed that I would know one way or the other in two weeks.

Again, I would rather work at Kasenna as a real employee, because
  • It's exactly the kind of technology I most want to work with
  • The job includes all the things I enjoy doing for a living, plus travel
  • It's only a mile down the street from my apartment (the same street!)
  • They have a good benefits program
  • I know most of the people there
  • It's fun

But one thing life in Silly Valley has taught me is that until there is an open req for the position, and you have an offer letter in hand, don't plan on being hired. And until you're hired, don't stop looking.

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