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After scene reading group, I sat down with Ulead DVD Factory and seriously tweaked the PAL-to-NTSC project, adding chapters to the main movie and customizing the chapter menus. It's highly intuitive software, but not at automated as it could be. For instance, it does not automatically use the same settings for the chapter menu as it uses for the main menu. I would think that would be the default. But it has some neat hacks, like motion menus - the whole menu slides into place when you fire up the DVD, then each thumbnail plays 20 seconds of the clip (looping).

The end result was close to brilliant. Not as good as the original commercial DVD, but close enuf.

Signed up for goodreads.com yesterday, blame susandennis, and where I thought it was asking for my email addressbook so it could match me with people who are also signed up, it was really asking me if they could spam my addressbook. So way too many people got this message telling them I was their friend on Goodreads, and way too many of them signed up, not knowing WTF they were doing, and way too few asked me "WTF?". One person, among the last I would have suspected, was happy to find a free site which did what he had been paying $$ to do on his Treo. But I still feel bad about the spam.

Goodreads is possibly useful, I was just seeing how many books I could remember having read. It's about 400 at the moment.

Received my voter's pamphlet, it has me listed as non-partisan. I did that because there are very few things more annoying than the barrage of phone calls, faux voter's guides, oversized post cards and begging letters which political parties can generate. I have till the 22nd to switch my selection to a political party. I'll put the card in the mail tomorrow.

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