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RustyCon Masquerade

Originally uploaded by how3ird.

I've posted my photos from the RustyCon masquerade, enjoy! If anyone wants to ID the photos, feel free to do so on the flickr pages.

I was hoping Frank and Bree would show up in costume to compete, but they showed up in civies about an hour later.

I shut down the camera during filk, though there were some people I would have loved to have photographed but one of the filkers expressed the desire to another photog to not be snapped, so...

Around 11, I think., I took one more peek into the ballroom, and Jay was dancing up a storm, but it was very dark in there, and since he was not wearing one of his shirt flambés there was not enough light to shoot with, and I didn't want to blind people with the flash.

And now I think I need to get to bed.


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