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Radar's Party

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Photos are online.

Had an excellent time, there were eight ten twelve fourteen of us for dinner at the Doubletree's coffee shop (the crowd kept growing and we kept adding tables) and then up to the 7th floor room for the party. Many people I recognized but don't know, others whom I know but didn't catch their LJ names, plus bovil, dancingshaman, johno and wife, kproche, lisa_marli,deirdremoon, rackstraw, and britgeekgrrl. There via text message was svashtar, or so the rumor has it. Lots of shiny gifts, lots of goodies to eat, excellent chocolate birthday cake, the blowing out of the candles was followed by the obligatory "pick a key, any key" birthday song, followed by a much more musically adept rendition of a birthday song to the tune of The Song of the Volga Boatmen.


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