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Hangen High

Went to Hangen on Castro in MV for wor won ton soup last night and was sorely disappointed. The portion was about 1/3 smaller than expected, and contained no BBQ pork or bok choi. Lots of spinach-like stuff, though. There was lots of shrimp, and the won tons were not bad. Even though there were only two tables (out of maybe 30) occupied, the staff was geared at quick turnover. Chef Lee's at the corner of Tasman and Lawrence in Svale still gets my vote for best wor won ton soup.

Next door to Hangen are two store fronts which have been unoccupied for years, sort of. Look in the windows and sometimes there are event posters taped on the inside, and in one storefront there's a piano among the scrap lumber and general mess of a store which has not had a retail anything for a long time. Saturday when I peeked inside, there was a "Happy Hanukah" banner on the left-hand window and a peace sign done in white icicle Xmas lights on the right-hand window. They were gone last night. Also on that block there is a fairly new Hawaiian restaurant, which has a "closed for vacation" sign on it. I suppose I'd rather be in Hawaii myself this time of year.

After Hangen, I needed more food, so skipped across the street to Neto, and had a smoothie. Lots of eye candy. All of them one half of a couple. Almost every couple had a pair of laptops. After a while, a tall woman who appeared to be Chinese and in her 30's sat down at the table in front of mine, and before I could think of a clever intro line she whipped out a Bible and started studying it. Instant turn-off for me. Probably instant match-maker for her, just not that night.

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