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Nutrition Class Week II

Another mostly wasted session. Heavy on the psychology and the need for support. I have nothing in common with these people. They all have families, all but one are women, none are diabetic.

The fattest woman in the class says she has to hide the sweets from her diabetic husband by keeping them in her car. Her kids don't like that because the chocolate melts. She doesn't get it that she should be hiding the sweets from herself.

Another woman, who could not be more than 15 lbs overweight, says her husband has ice cream three times a day, and doesn't gain weight. She says the fact that the ice cream is in the house is why she eats it. He won't eat the low-fat, low-calorie type. I suggested she buy her own, and they have his and her ice cream. "You don't wear his clothes," I said, "you don't have to eat his ice cream". She got the point, but it sounds like she'll just put his ice cream in the outdoor freezer.

The assignment for this week was to keep a 2-day diary of what we ate, when, with whom, and what mood we were in when we ate it. I didn't do it, because I'm on a food plan, I know that I'm eating correctly, I almost always eat alone, and mood has nothihg to do with food for me. I eat when it's time to eat, not because I'm having a "bad hair day" (or in my case a "no hair day"). If I'm angry about something or depressed or bored, I'll take it out on my piano.

I do have to set aside time to exercise, but we didn't cover that today.

She did say two things which make me wonder. First is she thinks butter is better than margerine in a diet food plan. The second is that aspartame is a chemical, so it's not as good for you as raw sugar (she used molases as an example). I'll have to do some research, but both of these statements sound very wrong to me.

And I guess she broke my heart by telling us not only does she have a boyfriend, he has a wine cellar with more than 800 bottles. Who can compete with that? Imagine what Spin The Bottle would be like at his place...

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