Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Yesterday was Day 2 of lots of time to do things I hadn't gotten around to. Already posted the script snippet. Trimmed the dead vines from a hanging Wandering Jew plant from WalMart, and discovered there were only three small vines still alive. Before it looked like a mostly dead fright wig, now it looks like something which had a fight with weed whacker.

Picked up some arthritis strength Tylenol per my doctor's suggestion. Since there was a Michael's nearby I stopped in to see if they had thread for hemming jeans, but their textile section is only for knitting.

Browsing around the store reminded me I need to think about re-scrapbooking my news clippings. Age and water damage from my move in 2000 (the movers stupidly routed my stuff from Seattle to Sunnyvale via Idaho in the dead of winter, and got stuck in the snow) has negated the adhesive effect of the rubber cement. I bought a can of "paper cement" which is acid free rubber cement. I need to locate acid-free paper. This is a collection of newspaper articles and photos I did in a previous life, some are double-page broadsheet and double-page tabloid, sometimes on both sides (all four pages), so modern 12x12 scrapbook technique does not work. I'll need to think some about this.

Picked up the thread at Joanne's, plus some bee's wax because I really am lame at threading sewing machine needles, even with the little wire gadget.

Met friend Janice for coffee, she is off to Egypt next week. But first she has her birthday party on Wednesday. She is having a problem with Eudora, so I asked her to send me a screen capture. She emailed this morning that she can't find Eudora's print screen button. This is after I had explained it was on the keyboard, not in the program. Amazing, she has been using computers for 20 years. At least she knows there isn't an "any" key.

Played with the cats some. Domino is getting more affectionate, both with me and with Pumpkin. She has been parking herself closer and closer to him on the bed lately, though she always jumps off and curls up around the heater as soon as I get into bed.

Okay, you're bored. Be that way. I'm going to lunch.

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