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Cthulu Made Me Do I

One of the neat things about hanging with the Fen is I have never needed to actually read any of the books to get the key talking points. So from what I know, Cthulu is in charge of, or perhaps has eaten, the accounting department of National Water & Power, which is not a utility company as it sounds like, but is the bill collecting agency for water, sewer & garbage for many apartments in Bay Areea, including my current and previous ones.

More than a year ago, they effed up and credited my first payment at the new apartment to the (presumably closed) account of the previous apartment, and have been billing me as past due. They refuse to accept my bank statements showing all the bills were paid, they ignored a letter from the state Attorney General's office, they ignored a letter from Bank of America. So a few months ago I set up B of A automatic bill pay to pay the bill on the 7th of each month, plenty of time to meet the due date of the 20th.

NW&P has failed to credit my account for the last two months, and a call from B of A failed to get them to waive the late fee. I think I need to sue someone.

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