Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

New Phone, Scene reading update

My Razr has been dropped one time too many, and since I was planning on getting one in a couple of months anyway, I found a RAZR2 on eBay for $10 less than the employee price, which makes it $50 less when we tally up what Moto would have charged for tax & shipping. I thought about switching to Nokia, but all the reviews liked the Razr2 better, and I do too, except for a couple of nuisance things. Which are:
1. Calendar alarms don't switch to vibrate mode when the rest of the phone is switched.
2. When you plug the phone in to charge it, it changes the ring tone mode to "soft"
3. Switching the phone to vibrate mode makes a loud noise
4. It won't let me disable the internet connection. At $1 a kbyte, I don't use it, and it is too easy to hit that key by accident
5. The outer LCD screen is too small to read the time.

Number 5 is solved with the Razr2's bigger screen. I don't know about the rest.

Last night's scene reading group got me two big compliments. One is I was offered a paid actor slot. I don't need the money, and other actors do, so I declined. The other is my ADD sitcom scenes went over very well, especially with the other playwrights.

The grant for the group has run out, but several of us said we would be happy to get together once a month regardless. I mentioned I would be in rehearsals by this time next month, but maybe I'll be lucky and they will be blocking a scene I'm not in. One of the writers last night is a regular at Saratoga Drama Group, she was in their last production, and she said the leading lady for my show is single again, so look for a surname change on the program. Interesting.

It was one of the more fun sessions, we had mostly light fare, and the one heavy one was extremely beautiful prose. Too much of it for a stage presentation, I thought, but I was the one doing the reading, two pages of monologue at a time. But I could see it done as a reader's presentation. It was bin Laden and Cheney trading monologues. Picture one in his mountain lair and the other in his bunker, unaware of each other. A pair of lecterns at opposite sides of a dark stage would work.

Does anyone out there have Earthlink DSL? Their support folks are hopeless, and I'm trying to figure out why a friend's PC, both directly connected to the Earthlink DSL modem and connectred via a Netgear router, refuses to stay logged into Earthlink. I'll be going over there tonight with a large hammer.

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