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I installed the Linksys router at Janice's, and it worked with her Earthlink DSL. We'll see for how long. I am so trying to get her onto Comcast. Same price, 10x the speed, none of the connection or support problems.

Earthlink has this online chat support feature. I keep an account for my travels and my parents' dial-up, so I log in and tell them I'm moving in with a friend who has Earthlink DSL, what wireless router should I get? It takes about 5 minutes for the chat to start, and then after I send the question, I get two time-wasters along the lines of "thanks for playing" and "yes, I can help". And then they ask for the home phone number of the account with DSL. I tell them I have no idea, I just need to know what kind of router to use. They say "Linksys WRT54G" great, that's a router I used to use and sold on eBay about a year ago because it sucked with Comcast. But DSL is an application layer authorization and cable is MAC layer, so I'll go with that. I tell them thanks, and the next line from them, after a 2-minute pause is "why don't you want to switch to DSL?"

I'm pretty sure this is an AI, not a human. Yesterday it also gave me strange mis-matched responses to questions.


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