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Groucho Marx and Gay Republicans

Something leatherapron posted recently reminded me that I wanted to do a mini rant.

It goes like this:

Why in blazes would anyone want to belong to a group which hates them?

The Bible is crystal clear that homosexuality is a capital crime. Why would a Gay person want to be a member of any religion which has that at its core?

The Republican Party is rooted firmly in those same teachings. Why would a Gay person want to be a member of that party?

I saw a posting on the Silicon Valley Atheists' message board asking for suggestions on people to officiate at an atheist wedding. Weddings are an artifact of religion - why would any atheist want a wedding ceremony?

Tangentially it all reminds me of that famous Grouch Marx quote, when he was invited to join an otherwise no-Jews-allowed country club, "I don't want to join any club which would accept me as a member"

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