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Meme With A Twist

So many people are doing the movie quotes meme. I don't watch that many movies, and don't remember most of the dialog, so here's my twisted meme:

Quotes from Musicals
Following are 15 quotes from musicals (G&S, Hollywood, Broadway and popular off-Broadway). Without using any kind of search engine, identify the musical. Extra points for naming the character who says the line, and if it's from a song, naming the song. All of these are available on CD or DVD.

1. Facts are the enemy of Truth

2. This is ridiculous, what am I doing here? I'm in the wrong story! gil_liant: "Into The Woods", the Baker's Wife, 'Anything Can Happen In The Woods'

3. The price, gentlemen, depends on the quality of the rape.

4. Hey! I got a social disease! cinchntouch: West Side Story - Officer Krupke

5. The only thing constant is change.

6. Never be too disturbed if you don't understand what a woman is thinking - they don't do it very often.

7. A: Why is [deleted character name] beating his head against a tree? B: To loosen the bark, so the tree will grow faster. gil_liant: "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", A=Linus, B=Lucy, [deleted character name]=Charlie Brown

8. A: Are you saying you know who I am, and it doesn't matter? B: I'm saying I don't know who you are, and it doesn't matter

9. When a cutthroat's finished jumping on his mother, how he loves to lie a-basking in the sun gil_liant: "The Pirates of Penzance", the Police Sergeant, 'A Policeman's Life Is Not A Happy One'

10. But it's Summer, and we're running out of ice.

11. Two millionaires with a dream are we, we're keeping romance alive

12. Child, If I had two dollars I would retire and never do a lick of work again

13. If you ever lose your teeth when you're out to dine, borry mine targeter: Anything Goes. Quack quack quack. cinchntouch: Friendship

14. You've got to be taught to be afraid / Of people whose eyes are oddly made, / And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade, / You've got to be carefully taught. cinchntouch: South Pacific

15. Solo for the President!

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