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Now That I Have a Self...

The traffic gods were kind, and I remembered a painless back way to get from work to Consonance, and arrived an hour before concert time.

Dr. James was brilliant, singing several Dr, Jane songs, a couple of which I knew from the olden days. There was much audience interaction, including an ad lib which zapped johno for aiming his camera at didjiman who was aiming his camera at Dr. James. I didn't see if he also aimed it at John. The audience cracked up Dr. James when most of us, at the end of his piece on Nessie, made our hands and arms into Loch Ness monsters. didjiman got a picture or two of that.

He was followed by Alexander Adams, who uses a guitar as a percussion instrument, sings powerful songs with lots of beat but not much melody, and for one number he picked up an electric violin and sawed at it mercilessly in a poor man's copycat of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. He tried very very hard, but once again the number was big on beat, tiny on melody, and fell just short for me. His voice is beautiful, he carries a tune superbly, I just wasn't impressed with the material.

For those who know the story but have not seen these guys lately, they are most definitely men.

Next up was the international GoHs, Summer & Fall (Eva Van Daele-Hunt & Crystal Blum) from Germany. It took them about half an hour to set up. They seemed to have no clue about microphones. As soon as they started their first number I was glad I'd moved from the front of the hall to the back. I found their voices grating, and they completely lost me when one of them picked up a sax and played an off-key set of notes which I'm sure was supposed to have been a fanfare of sorts. It hurt. As soon as the number was over I was out of there like a shot. I will not be buying their CD.

Plans for tomorrow:
P.O. (pick up a couple of eBay purchases)
Consonance by 2:00
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