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Two Strikes

Tonight I went to the local Democratic Party Meetup, and waited half an hour in front of a dark, locked party headquarters office with two other people, then left. I nuked my membership in that meetup group. One would think there would be more interest.

Came home to email from Tiber.net, saying they are now charging for memberships. Allegedly members will have a more stable, functional system but I don't see how they would achieve that dichotomy. Translation: it's a scam. I rarely go there, and most of the membership is Burning Man, which I'm not, so I nuked my account there. Had they been honest and said they are asking paid members to subsidize free account holders (like LJ does) I'd have given it more thought. Maybe 10-20 seconds more. I suppose I ought to nuke my myspace account too, since I'm never there either. But they haven't done anything to annoy me so there's not rush.

Work today was pretty good. I learned some new things, and inherited a set of 6 systems which tie together, five backed up by one. If one fails, the 6th takes over its functions. In theory. The other 4 are in limbo when that happens, I guess. We have a very high MTBF, so it's not nearly as lame as it sounds. Frankly, it's more likely in case a network fails.
Dinner, then plunk out a Consonance article for SFSF. Hopefully johno and didjiman will send Jean some photos

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