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In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

I really wanted to be able to say something Bad™ about Revenge of the Sith, especially with all the hype from the kiddies who think of the first film as Episode IV.

But I really only have three very tiny nits to pick.

The tiniest being Padme's corpse is still pregnant, though we just saw her pop out the twins.

The second is that they used some truly tacky transition effects between scenes.
And the third is related - after the spectacular use of CG in the Clones episode, I think they took a giant leap backwards in the overall quality of the computer gen and the actual print of the film. But this may have been intentional because...

...the best thing for me, who saw the first film when I was 27, is how true to the original this last film is. Right from the opening 1977-style logo and screen crawl, with the DOS screensaver starfield background, and John Williams' original music. One thing which amazed me is how they kept to the 1977 soundtrack throughout the film. The only disappointment there was the lack of anything lighthearted, like the music during the Alien Bar scene. There is no humor at all in this latest film. So maybe that's four nitpicks.

I liked the casting for the most part, though I didn't think Mr. Christensen quite made it to the dark side before they popped him into a can. Jimmy Smits could have used a little more backbone. But I'm probably just disagreeing with the director's vision instead of with the acting. Frank Oz as Yoda rocked! Go muppetboy! Quite a task, because in this film the little green Jedi doll has a boatload of lines.

The movie moved along at breakneck speed, with just enough quiet time to keep those of us in row 4 from getting dizzy. I thought about looking at my watch, but then George Lucas' name popped onto the screen. Amazing.

I think they have a lock on the makeup Oscar. Makeup throughout was amazing, but way above and beyond were the segments when the Chancellor does his Leaving Shangri-La routine, and when Darth joins the Kilauea triathalon.

I saw the film after work today (I work right down the block from the local 16-plex). I'd wanted to drive up to Dublin and catch the premiere, and meet some of the EastBayLJ crowd, but was down with a cold, and the weather sucked. Sigh. See you'all and BayCon.

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