Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

RAID woes, the sequel

Made some significant progress with the main PC. Disconnected the replacement drive, went into the BIOS and tagged the good half of the boot array as the first drive to boot from, and Windows came up with Intel's storage manager (ISM) app seeing the array and missing drive marked as "missing".

Powered down, re-connected the replacement drive, and booted up. It showed the replacement as non-RAID. I used the RAID BIOS to add it to the mirrored volume, and Windows booted up, marking the drive off-line. Click on the drive in ISM, used the wizard to restore the array to the new disk, and things were fine. For about half an hour. At about 6% ISM marked the drive as failed.

So I repeated the process with a second replacement drive, same result. That was last night.

This morning I reconnected the original replacement, and let the machine boot with it as non-RAID. It came up as drive D, which I formatted. Then I opened ISM and told it to restore the array to that disk, and so far it's at 22% done. I really hope it completes, but won't know till after I get back from dim sum and a movie this afternoon.

Either way, I'm hooking up the firewire backup drive and making a fresh backup.

Edit add: Nope, it failed again. I'm thinking it's the SATA cable. I'm on the PC right now, backup will take about 3.5 hours more (8 hours total)

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