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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Blue lights - they are my PC's case fans, and were glowing eerily all night as the new XP install was restored from backup.

After the restore, the PC would get to the XP splash screen, and in about 2 seconds would reboot. Forever. It did the same in all three versions of safe mode. So I invoked the F8 "do not resuscitate" option, popped in the XP CD again, and started from scratch.

Nuked the partition, re-created it, formatted, installed XP SP1 (I have a separate SP2 CD), this time only restored the files, not the system state. That worked. Sort of. It did not restore the registry, but all I had to do to re-enable the device drivers was right-click on each one and choose "update".

The machine was still in SP1, so I loaded the SP2 CD. I left the apartment with Microsoft Update installing about 80 updates. As I was driving to work I realized I should be able to use System Restore to get back my registry, now that the restore points are back on the hard drive, all 2,687 of them.

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