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Still trying to get the main PC going. Very frustrating. MS Backup doesn't let you restore just the software sections of the registry, you get all or nothing. Nothing means all software needs to be re-installed. All means it thinks the boot disk is on the RAID array, and it goes into infinite reboot loop. I was able to export the software bits from the registry by some sort of command line magic, but still have to completely re-install Windows again.

All my docs email and photos are both backed up and on the working RAID volume so I haven't really lost anything except time and sanity points.

brought a big tub of pistachio halvah to work, sliced into cubes and rectangles. It was not as fresh as it could have been, thanks to the Arab market ignoring the "refrigerate" notice on the label, and having it on the shelf for way too long. But it was safely edible. It was all gone by the end of the day, which surprised me.

Went to the hand specialist at Kaiser's physical therapy department. She had fixed my trigger thumb about a year and a half ago, and I was seriously in lust. Not so much. It looks like she has had a rough few months. She made a brace for my middle finger, it is hard to type with, but since I don't touch type, it's not so bad. She said for the arthritis all I really need to do is exercise the hand, and gave me a sheet of things to do with PT putty, and recommended I buy one of those spring-handle things for squeezing, which I did.

Wanted to go to Rooster T's with some friends tonight, but the web site said they were sold out.
So I'm home on the laptop downstairs while the PC is being re-imaged upstairs.

No plans for the weekend except to get my nails done. Suggestions are welcome. I suppose I should dig out a shiny object and bring it to farmount for her easter egg hunt.  

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