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Sometimes "They" Do something right

When Moto emailed us that they were replacing the vending machines next Tuesday, I figured they were going to remove the freezer unit which sells ice cream, buffalo wings, mini pizzas, burritos, etc. and they would raise the prices on everything (except for the 75-cent frozen pizzas & sandwiches, everything was 25 cents).

The first right thing is they did the install this morning. The second right thing is they kept all the prices the same. The third right thing is they expanded the offerings in the frozen unit, and increased the quality. We now have full sized Banquet TV dinners, Oreo ice cream bars, Pepperidge Farms stuffed potato skins, all at retail or lower prices. They kept the 25-cent soft drinks machine, and swapped out the power drinks machine for one which has about three times the selection, including Starbucks fraps, diet Dr. Pepper. Bottled water is now 50 cents instead of 75. Several kinds of power drinks too.

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