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The main PC is finally back to where it was before the boot RAID mirror degraded, with the major diff that boot is now on a single Seagate drive, and I'll do my backups to an external. No more messing with Intel's broken RAID manager or Western Digital's fragile drives. So far I have broken five drives simply by doing a hard reset on the PC. The Seagates so far have not had a problem with this.

There was a frustrating couple of hours yesterday when a routine windows update rendered the PC useless, until some error messages showed me that all the required services had been stopped and set to "disabled". It took half an hour to reset them all, but now everything is fine. I still will have to re-register some programs, but that's about all.

Last night I went to KFJC's psychotronic Film Festival, which was lots of fun. Bad shorts, trailers, and theater commercials from the 30's through 60's. A huge number of raffle items (I won a DVD for a truly bad anti-drug film from the 50's). It would have been a lot nicer if the asshole who kept shouting out totally not funny Rocky Horror style comments wasn't right behind me. I'd have been fine if he was funny, and didn't drown out the soundtrack.

Another low blood sugar incident at 4:30 am, slept till 11, haven't even been outside yet today. Probably for the best, nowhere to shop and who needs to be in holiday traffic? My baby sister called at noon, we had a long chat about the parents' upcoming move.

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