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Bangkok Community Theatre recently launched a new! improved! web site, and some email correspondence with the webmistress revealed that the group lost most of its archives a few years ago when firefighters, putting out a fire in the next warehouse (go-down) over, flooded their go-down.

So I have pulled out my slides, taken backstage while people were putting on their makeup, and dug out my script, which also had the cast list, and am scanning the slides for them, and will also scan the cast list and a couple of other things (rehearsal schedule, plea for help from the cast from the tech director). Looking at the script, something I had forgotten is I also did some of the lighting design, and since Bill Sykes doesn't arrive onstage till Act II, I ran the pre-show light sequences.

I'll put a pointer to flickr once I've done scanning and photoshopping. They are in pretty good condition for 33 years old, especially since they were developed in Bangkok, probably in very warm fixer.

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