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My Biggest Fan

The case I bought for my over-heating quad core CPU has a top fan 200mm across, and a few months ago one of the blades broke off when I leaned on the case and managed to push in the fan grill. At the time there was no replacement available. Antec now sells them online, so I bought one and now that my other computer foo is mostly over I decided to install it.  The top looks like it just pops off, but one of the instructions I found online says there are two screws in the top which hold it in place. There are no screws in the top, so I yanked real hard and got the top 3/4 off, and found there are two screws, but they are not on top, they screw into the top from underneath. I had to turn the case upside-down to get to them. There are no screws holding the fan, it just slides into a keyed frame. It took me an hour - if I'd had a better drawing showing the screws where they actually were, it would have been 5 minutes. Anyway, I now have much more airflow than previously. Next project will be to replace all the Antec 120mm 2-wire fans with 3-wire fans connected to the motherboard. The motherboard can control the speed of the 3-wire fans based on temp sensors, but the Antecs are too stupid for that.

Edited the Suns-Celtics game video, and Ulead DVD Workshop is now cranking away, making an ISO file and a DVD for my cousin. Minus the commercials and halftime show, it came in just a little long for 5mbps, so I transcoded it to 4.75, which is pretty good quality. Most cable video is 3.5-4.5. I didn't do HD because (a) she doesn't have a DVD TV set, (b) my capture card doesn't do HD and (c) it wouldn't fit on a standard DVD.

Work was dead boring. I am entering 150 test cases for a new feature, and each one has to be done separately, there's a delay of about 2 minutes for the page to reload after each one. I was going to stay late and finish, but halfway through the server crashed. The boss said it was back up, but I managed to crash it two more times. I think the problem is we have too many people logged in. It was designed to support a test group half the size of what we have now.

Started reading Lord Dunsany's A Dreamer's Tales. Good stuff. Blame zanda_myrande for mentioning him in one of his classic filk songs. I've had the name on my "to read" list for years, just now getting around to it. If you have a favorite of his, please comment.

Email from Saratoga Drama Group mentioning they are dong set building Saturday 10-3. My set making ability extends to painting flats, period. I am a cum laude graduate of the Salvador Dali/Pablo Picasso school of carpentry.

Our first official gathering will be a meet and greet at a restaurant in San Jose (it moved from Saratoga, I guess). Should be fun. I have only worked with one cast member before, have seen four others perform. And I've known the director howbearca for almost 8 years, have seen him on stage and seen other shows he directed, but this will be our first time working together.

My big sister originally pushed me into theater to meet girls. Maybe this will be the production where that actually happens. In my  42 years of theater, I have only had two dates with a cast member. The last one was with someone from the last time I was in Man of La Mancha. I sure wish I knew where Jamie was now - I'd really like to see her again.

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