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Who Is That Scary Man?

Bill Sykes
Originally uploaded by how3ird.

My latest nostalgia project was to scan in all the slides and cast materials from the Bangkok Community Theatre 1975 production of Oliver! in which I played Bill Sykes. This is a self-portrait taken in the dressing room pre-makeup. Follow the flickr link to see the rest of the set.

My theater friends will especially get a kick out of the tech letter - a letter from our tech director "inviting" us to help build the set.

It was an interesting show. Haydn Stradling, who played Fagin, was a superb actor from New Zealand, Nancy was played by Rosemary Hazell, who had a flute-like soprano voice, taught me a couple of fun British and Aussie folk songs, and worked in the British embassy. During the run of the show her fiance was killed in a car crash, and the director (Sally Anderson) filled in the part for that weekend. Rosemary returned for the final weekend, but it was very difficult for her, for all of us, especially the final reprise of As Long As He Needs Me.

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