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Stuff got done

The usual staff meeting this morning, followed by a lot of test case entering. It takes about a minute for the page to reload after each entry, so I pulled up youtube and amazon to find which ALW musical a song I heard on the radio last week was from. All I knew is it was something about "goodbye". Found it in Sunset Boulevard, it's called As If We Never Said Goodbye and I really shouldn't play it at work because it hits too close to home. Sung by Norma Desmond as she comes back to Hollywood to, well, make a comeback.

Glenn Close, who played Norma in the original LA cast, does a superb job. Far better, I think, than ALW's fave Elaine Paige. Patti LuPone's speech defect ruins it for me, I'm not even going to hurt my ears and brain by starting up Barbara Streisand's nasalities. Shirley Bassey has a youtube recording or two of this, but while her voice is very powerful, her delivery is boring and she has no idea what to do with her arms and hands. Petula Clark has the feel of it, but her voice isn't quite up to it. Strange but true, my favorite of all the youtube performances is the one by Lea Salonga. Strange, because the song is written for an aging, mostly washed-up Diva, and Lea is a stunningly beautiful young-looking woman. But she's been around Hollywood and Broadway enough to know the feeling. Never heard of her? She was the voice of Jasmine in Disney's Alladin, and the voice of Mulan in the Disney flick of that name. And she created the role of Kim in Miss Saigon, Mei Li in the latest revival of Flower Drum Song and she also sang Eponine in Le Mis. Like I said, she's been around.
Take a look:

And Glen Close too

Music rehearsal went well. Michael is both professional and fun, and an amazing accompanist. We went over my solo, and also went over a couple of tunes I'd forgotten I'm chorus for.  No more rehearsals for 2 weeks, I need to study myu lines on my own.

Now that the PC is behaving itself, I removed the two drives which had been refusing to play nice, and replaced three of the four fans with quiet ones without LEDs, which have the 3-conductor connectors which the BIOS can control. Put the covers back on, and now I have a nice quiet cool computer again.

Also did the laundry.


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